Summer Missions

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Heritage School facilitates a number of service projects during the school year, including regular highway clean-up days as well as outreach projects in conjunction with the local Needs Council. Additionally, we have embarked on a number of one or two-week service trips during the summers. We are settling into a rhythm of coordinating Local Missions Week every summer and an international trip every other summer. Local Missions Week was birthed from our desire to emphasize (and remind ourselves) that ‘living missionaly’ does not necessitate leaving our hometown and traveling hundreds of miles. So, for one week each summer, we have worked with a host of local organizations (for example, the Boys & Girls Club) to meet needs and cultivate meaningful Christ-centered relationships here in our community. Over the years we have learned to approach such trips with humility and flexibility, aware that carrying with us the very attitude of a servant is critical. Additionally we find such trips to be dynamic periods of spiritual retreat and growth, as they are nothing less than a communal adventure in following Jesus! These adventures in following Jesus represent an incredibly powerful extension of the values of the School as well as the biblically-based learning occurring within the classroom.

Discovering joy through serving others marks the fulfillment of one of Jesus’ most audacious claims, namely, that, “tis more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Nothing but the absolute truth of this paradoxical statement can account for the robust interest of the student body in sacrificing time and finances to serve others. In any given summer, it is not uncommon for nearly half of the high school to serve on a mission trip, with some students shouldering the entire financial cost of such trip! In short, we have been humbled and tremendously encouraged by the interest of the student body in service.

The following is a list of trips facilitated by the School:

2008 - Building a medical clinic in San Vicente, Mexico

2009 – Building a church retreat center near Alpine, Texas

2010 – Building a church retreat center near Alpine, Texas (second building)

2011 - Building a church retreat center near Alpine, Texas

2012 – Local Missions Week I in Fredericksburg & Missions Exposure in Guatemala

2013 – Local Missions Week II in Fredericksburg & Mission Trip to Peru with Vida Abundante

2014 – Local Missions Week III in Fredericksburg

2015 – Local Missions Week IV & possible return to Peru with Vida Abundante

Heritage School Missions Coordinator David Turpin

“I am tremendously inspired by the highschoolers who are so interested in the idea of sacrificing a week of their summer to do intense manual labor, serving the needs of others,” commented Turpin. “The fact is that these students not only talk about wanting to serve others, to make the world a better place, but they are seizing opportunities to serve.” Earlier this summer, a group of Heritage students spent a day doing landscaping work for an elderly woman in Fredericksburg. Turpin noted that “a student came to me with the idea to serve this particular woman in this way. I had nothing to do with concocting the project idea. The students are taking ownership of living life the way they believe it ought to be lived, not always waiting to be guided along by others” Turpin added. “Now that is exciting!”

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