Senior Spotlight

Seniors Jack Wynne-Smith and Lindsey Pressler

Meet Jack Wynne-Smith….

I was born in Dallas, Texas on December 28, 1998. All of my family is from South Africa and because of this I spent the majority of my childhood moving back and forth between these two countries. The time I spent in South Africa challenged my thinking and exposed me to different culture and environments. There I met and lived with one of my best friends who soon became like a brother to me. When I was six years old, we moved back to America to live in Fredericksburg. My parents enrolled me into Heritage in first grade and this became the place where I made friends that I believe will stay with me forever. After 7th grade, my parents told me and my brother that we were going back to live in South Africa. Not knowing what the future held in store for me, I reluctantly accepted that this was going to be my new life. During this time in South Africa, I attended Rondebosch Boys High School, and although tough, this experience changed my life for the greater. After about one year my parents once again told us that we were moving back to the USA and I was so excited to be returning home again. I have been back at Heritage for my entire high school career. This fall I hope to study Film production and Television, as this field is something that I have always had an interest in and I hope to pursue it later in life. I have recently been granted the Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance scholarship, and I know this scholarship will aid me in my pursuit.

Meet Lindsey Pressler....

Almost ten years ago, I started third grade at Heritage. At the time, we were did not have our own campus. Now, I am lucky to see the school all on one campus again and a new gym constructed. I was born in Fredericksburg on January 29, 1998, but I have lived in Comfort all of my life with my family, including my brother Lane. In both junior high and high school, I have played volleyball and ran track and field. Through 4-H, I have bred and shown pigs for numerous years and judged range, wool, and mohair since junior high. Range evaluation ignited my passion for ecology and stewardship of natural resources. I want to be an agricultural engineer because I want to help others make wise decisions about natural resources, decisions that preserve the environment and still advance today’s technology. In the fall, I will be attending Texas A&M and I have received the Terry scholarship.

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