ARCHIVED: Russell Tabor - Chapel April 5, 2017

As a group of turkeys entered a box canyon, they were followed by a sly, and hungry fox.

There was one turkey in particular, named Orn, known to be a lousy turkey – Orn couldn’t run fast, his abnormal beak made it difficult for him to catch grub worms, and he secretly hated the taste of grub worms! What a pathetic turkey…

The fox carefully waited and then attacked the unsuspecting gobblers!

Orn, not able to run like the other turkeys, was especially at risk. However, in that moment of peril, Orn found himself not running but flying; he soared up and up and up, wondering how it was possible that he was soaring above the other turkeys. Another bird laughed, and revealed that Orn, raised all his life alongside turkeys, was actually not a turkey. Orn was an eagle!

During this past Wednesday’s chapel, Mr. Russell Tabor challenged the school to remember how we were made, and to consider that things are not always as they seem. We are made as people in God’s own image, with a soul and a spirit. In that spirit, we have Jesus residing and guiding our life. Unfortunately, we are prone to forget this and live seeking to draw pleasure and affirmation into our lives from the world. Instead, God teaches us that if we are in Christ, Christ’s spirit is in us, that within we have the greatest of treasure.

Mr. Tabor likened this to the story of Elisha and his protection by an army of God. Elisha was gifted by God and aided the army of Israel in overcoming the Syrian army. Ultimately, the Syrians decided to target Elisha directly. One morning, a servant found the army of Syria surrounding Elisha’s city. Elisha was quick to calm him and prayed that the Lord open his eyes. Then, an army of God with horses and chariots of fire was revealed to the servant. In this same way, if we live merely by our senses, we will be lost. But, if we are guided by Jesus and His spirit at work within us, we will prosper.

Write-up by Dylan Sione, member of the Class of 2017¬