For re-enrolling students, by the end of February and no later than the due date set and publicized by the school, families are to submit an executed Statement of Intent agreement along with a $500.00 deposit for each student. The Statement of Intent and the applicable deposit(s) will be on-time if hand-delivered to the school or post-marked by the published due date. A student’s reenrollment is not guaranteed if the payment and reenrollment agreement are received after the due date. The Statement of Intent, binds the family for the full tuition payment for the following school year.

Tuition Contracts

Available March 30. Tuition Contracts are due no later than April 30, with the full-amount of tuition due or selection of payment plan with the first of 12 payments being due no later than June 1. For families receiving tuition assistance the amount of reduced tuition will be noted. Heritage will consider families who become 30 days past due on their monthly payments to have voluntarily withdrawn their student(s) from school. Heritage reserves the right to fill the spots held by the students in such a family with other students. The withdrawal from Heritage of a student from a family receiving tuition assistance does not obviate the full payment otherwise required under this policy.


A student is re-enrolled by March 1, of each year, but before school starts the students must be registered. The registration process consists of completing and submitting various forms needed by the school before the student may attend classes. The procedures and process is sent to the re-enrolled families in the June mailing so that paperwork can be completed during the summer and submitted by August 1.

Medical Forms, Authorizations and Releases

There are a variety of medical forms, authorizations and releases that must be filled out as part of the registration process for each school year. Parents must assume responsibility for providing all medical and health information that is required for their children prior to their attendance in classes or participation in athletics. The health issues of Heritage students are primarily the parents’ responsibilities. (While the school office will assist, full parent support for the following is required.) Students without current health forms will not be allowed to attend classes until all of the appropriate forms are submitted to the school. Every student must provide proof of all required immunizations (or appropriate exemption form), and all other medical records must be up-to- date prior to attending class or participating in athletics. Registration information will list all forms needed. Appointments should be made in a timely manner to ensure these forms are ready before school starts. Other authorizations and releases for participation in co-curricular activities, driving and off-campus privileges must be submitted as well.