Purpose and Philosophy


The Athletic Program, in which at least 94% of our students participate, exists to help fulfill the goal of Heritage School, which is the development of physical, spiritual, moral, and intellectual maturity for every student. The athletic program fosters not only the obvious physical development of our student-athletes, but provides unique opportunities for spiritual, moral, and intellectual development as well. The primary purpose of the Athletic Program at Heritage School is, put very simply, the discipleship of young men and women.


The Athletic Program at Heritage School affords coaches and student-athletes alike an opportunity to witness and share their faith in a unique venue – one that society in general deems worthy of their attention. It also provides a powerful discipleship opportunity for molding the lives of young men and women.

Participation in athletics can be a positive addition to the lives of those who are preparing for the Christian life in a world that thrives on competition and rewards excellence. Student-athletes who strive for excellence in athletic competition and learn to deal with both success and failure in a graceful manner are establishing life patterns for their future.

We seek to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in every athletic endeavor and make the experience a positive one for each student-athlete that chooses to make the commitment to participate.

In some ways, the philosophy of Heritage athletics could be summed up in one word – HUPOMONE! This term was adopted by the 2004-05 Heritage Eagles football team and has become the motto for Heritage student-athletes and fans alike. The term is from the Greek, used in the Bible, with the English transliteration spelled as shown above. The word means "perseverance, patient endurance, steadfastness."

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