ARCHIVED: Logic Students Place 4th Place Sweepstakes at Area B

Our Latin teacher, Rachel Deleery, along with our Latin Club the 'Ancient Geeks' grades 6th-8th attended the Texas Area B Latin Convention in San Antonio on March 18.  The Logic students competed against high school teams.  Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!  

Sweepstakes-4th place
Volleyball- 2nd place
Basketball-3rd place
Caroline Abel-Pentathlon Magna Cum Laude, 4th 4x 100 relay, Mythology 6th
Kate Abel- Mottoes 2nd, 4th 4x200 relay
Madison Brantley-Grammar I 4th, Pentathlon Magna Cum Laude, 4th 4x 100 relay
Lilah Brillhart-Grammar I 4th, 400 M 4th
Elyse Cummings- Mottoes 3rd, 4th 4x100 relay
Matt Cummings- 1st 4x100 relay
Carter Davidson-Classical Art 4th, 3D Art 5th
Cora Elliot-Roman Life 4th
Ellie Faucheux- Classical Art 5th
John Fritzsch- Pentathlon Magna Cum Laude, 100 M 2nd, 800 M 3rd 4x100 relay 1st, Mythology 6th
Erin Fritzsch- Mythology 3rd
Ryan Furber- 1st 4x100 relay, Vocabulary 6th
Alivia Jons- Pentathlon Magna Cum Laude
Benjamin Lohmeyer- Latin Derivatives 2nd
Olivia Loggie- Geography of the Ancient World 9th
Alex Ludwig-Latin Derivatives 1st, Pentathlon Maxima Cum Laude
Travis Klokker- Grammar Advanced 10th
Hayle Mayer- Dramatic Interpretation 5th, Pentathlon Cum Laude
Brookyn Parsons- Greek Derivatives 2nd
Ainsley Plesko- Pentathlon Summa Cum Laude, Roman Life 7th
Finn Sawtelle- 6th Sight Recitation
Rory Shelton-Sight Recitation 2nd, Pentathlon Cum Laude, 800 M 2nd, 4x100 relay 1st
Emma Stewart- Classical Art 5th
Reece Thomson- Geography of the Ancient World 2nd
Luke Tucker- 800 M 4th

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