Heritage School JCL Latin Club News Flash

Heritage School JCL Latin Club News Flash

Bene fecitis, discipuli et discipulae!

On Saturday morning, February 21, an intrepid crew of twenty eight 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Latin scholars and parents drove to Reagan High School in San Antonio to participate in the Area B Junior Classical League Convention. Many skill sets were represented by Heritage Logic School that day: Roman History, Art, Greek Derivatives, Latin Derivatives, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Mottos, Greek History, Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation, Ancient Geography, Decathlon, Roman Life, Sight Recitation, Mythology, Roman Life, Greek Life and Literature, Greek Derivatives Volleyball, and Basketball! Mrs. McComack, eighth grade Latin educator, was very proud of their valiant efforts in academics, olympika, speaking events, and the arts! Well done, Discipuli Latinae!

A huge thankyou to the great moms who were there to support the LATIN CLUB team!!! Gratias Tibi agimus: Courtney Fritzsch, Dr. Tami Given, Angie Hoermann, Elizabeth Loggie, Rhonda Maurer, Susan Nix, and Stephanie Short.

Pulcherrimas Matres Discipulorum!! (Moms, get your student to translate this for you!)

Our Heritage students won many ribbons and trophies which are listed below:

JCL Academic Events

6th Grade
Josh Hoermann: 1st ~ Oratory
Cynthia Kate Sawtelle: 1st ~ Latin Derivatives
Olivia Loggie: 2nd ~ Ancient Geography and Monuments
Luke Tucker: 2nd ~ Greek Life and Literature
Alivia Jons: 3rd ~ Mythology
Riley Nix: 3rd ~ Roman History
Gus Spence: 3rd ~ Roman Life
Olivia Loggie: 4th ~ Doll
Riley Nix: 4th ~ Monochromatic Drawing

7th Grade
Noah Given: 1st ~ Dramatic Interpretation, Boys
Sarah Deering: 1st ~ Sight Recitation
Meredith Harper: 2nd ~Dramatic Interpretation, Girls
Jinn Khuc: 2nd ~ Oratory
Luke Roberts: 4th ~ Grammar
Mason Barnett: 4th ~ Vocabulary
Salome Stephens: 4th ~ Ancient Geography
Celia Ashley: 5th ~ Roman Life
Grace Fritz: 6th ~ Latin Derivatives
Daniel Sauer: 7th ~ Roman History

8th Grade
William Fritzsch: 1st ~ Oratory
Ben Ashley: 2nd ~ Sculpture
Erin Klokker: 5th ~ Painting, Polychromatic
Anna McKenzie: 7th ~ Sight Recitation
Abi Lindner: 9th ~ Greek Derivatives
Jon Hoermann: 10th ~ Grammar
Erin Klokker: 10th ~ Mottoes

JCL Pentathlon-(Summa is highest level)

6th Grade
Alivia Jons ~ Summa Cum Laude
Olivia Loggie ~ Maxima Cum Laude
Riley Nix ~ Magna Cum Laude
Cynthia Kate Sawtelle ~ Magna Cum Laude
Joshua Hoermann ~ Cum Laude
Samuel Maurer ~ Cum Laude
Luke Tucker ~ Cum Laude

7th Grade
Mason Barnett ~ Magna Cum Laude
Jinn Khuc ~ Cum Laude
Taylor Watterson ~ Cum Laude

8th Grade
Ben Ashley ~ Magna Cum Laude
William Fritzsch ~ Magna Cum Laude
Susanna Harpold ~ Cum Laude
Jon Hoermann ~ Cum Laude
Abi Lindner ~ Cum Laude
Eli Oosterbaan ~ Cum Laude

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