ARCHIVED: Heritage School Places 9th at JCL State in Amarillo


Latin Teachers, Suzanne McComack and Jason Ferguson, with a valiant group of faithful moms and a dad took a stalwart team of twenty-one Heritage students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to JCL State in Amarillo, Texas this past weekend on Friday and Saturday, March 27th and 28th. The state competition took place at the Amarillo HS. Over thirteen hundred students participated in the state convention. The Heritage team won a 9th place sweepstakes trophy and many ribbons and certificates.

National Junior Classical League (NJCL) was formed in 1936, an organization of junior and senior high school students sponsored by the American Classical League. Composed of local and state/provincial chapters across the United States, Canada, and Australia, it is the largest Classical organization in the world today with over 50,000 members. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.

A very special thanks to Jennifer Deering, Randy Nix, Courtney Fritzsch, Cathy McKenzie, and Stephanie Short for chaperoning the convention with Mrs. McComack and Mr. Ferguson. Without your kind help to BE THERE FOR OUR KIDS, we could not have made this event possible for our Heritage kids.

When asked why she encourages Latin students to be involved in JCL , Mrs. McComack stated, “The Junior Classical League enriches the lives of students by taking the Latin Language out of the textbook and into real life! There is something for everyone: costumes, models, catapults, plays, etc., as well as paper and pencil academic tests. JCL makes Latin come alive for kids!“

This year National Junior Classical League NATIONAL contest will be in San Antonio at Trinity University. Any students who placed in First through Fifth places are eligible if they are 12 years old by the beginning of the Contest on July 26th. Here is a webpage for those who are interested:

National Junior Classic League Contest in San Antonio

NJCL Philosophy

We believe that through the National Junior Classical League:

We will gain an active appreciation and understanding of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, thereby better enabling us as individuals to interpret and appraise our world today.

We have a sound structure, which provides a sound basis for expansion of our horizons and perspectives, intellectually, socially, and aesthetically.

We have a viable organization, which can effectively create in others a sense of awareness, interest, and appreciation as far as the value of the Classics is concerned.



Ben Ashley ~ Eighth grade ~ 1st place

Art: Miscellaneous
Olivia Loggie ~ Sixth grade ~ 5th place

Art: Photography, altered
Taylor Watterson ~ Seventh grade ~ 4th place

Photography, traditional
Susanna Harpold ~ Eighth grade ~ 6th place

Dramatic Interpretation
Noah Given ~ Seventh grade ~ 2nd place
Meredith Harper ~ Seventh grade ~ 4th place

Roman History
Daniel Sauer ~ Seventh grade ~3rd place
Riley Nix ~ Sixth grade ~ 6th place

Greek Life and Literature
Luke Tucker ~ Sixth grade ~ 3rd place

Joshua Hoermann ~Sixth grade ~ 4th place
Jinn Khuc ~Seventh grade ~ 3rd place
William Fritzsch ~ Eighth grade ~ 5th place

Geography and Monuments
Olivia Loggie ~ Sixth grade ~ 2nd place

Latin Derivatives
Cynthia Sawtelle ~ Sixth grade ~ 4th place
Eli Oosterbaan ~ Seventh grade ~ 6th place

Sight Recitation
Sarah Deering ~ Sixth grade ~ 4th place
Samuel Maurer ~ Sixth grade ~ 5th place

Classical Art
Susanna Harpold ~ Eighth grade ~ 6th place

Alivia Jons ~ Sixth grade ~ 7th place

Taylor Watterson ~ Seventh grade ~ 7th place

Latin Literature
Jon Hoermann ~ Eighth grade ~ 9th place

Meredith Harper ~ Seventh grade ~ Maxima Cum Laude
Alivia Jons ~ Sixth grade ~ Magna Cum Laude
Taylor Watterson ~ Seventh grade ~ Magna Cum Laude
William Fritzsch ~ Eighth grade ~ Magna Cum Laude
Cynthia Sawtelle ~ Sixth grade ~ Cum Laude
Luke Tucker ~ Sixth grade ~ Cum Laude
Sarah Deering ~ Seventh grade ~ Cum Laude
Jinn Khuc ~ Seventh grade ~ Cum Laude
Ben Ashley ~ Eighth grade ~ Cum Laude
Susanna Harpold ~ Eighth grade ~ Cum Laude
Anna McKenzie ~ Eighth grade ~ Cum Laude

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