ARCHIVED: Heritage School Art Work on Display at Whistle Pik Gallery

Heritage School is proud to announce the Rhetoric School Art display at Whistle Pik Galleries’ Annual Student Art Exhibition, February 5-20. All are invited to attend the First Friday Art Walk Fredericksburg Reception on Friday, February 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you are unable to attend the reception please know that all students, parents, family, faculty, and staff are welcome to view the artwork during regular business hours Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The students’ respective art instructors choose the pieces that are in the exhibit and it is not a judged event or a sale. Whistle Pik Galleries looks forward to hosting this exhibit. What a great opportunity for the student’s work to be shown with some of the best artists in the nation. Stop by and see how talented the students are in our community.

The gallery is located at 425 East Main Street, at the corner of East Main and South Elk Street, in Whistle Pik Square. Parking is available on South Elk or in our private parking lots located behind the gallery off of South Elk.

Jackson Abel: “Romanesque Door”, scratch art
Elliot Armes: “Ancient Cache Box”, ceramics
Blake Ashley: “On the River with Homer”, oil painting
Noelle Christensen: “Celtic Art”, ceramics
Cierra Crenwelge: “The Embrace with Klimt”, oil painting
Dylan Eggleston: “In the Garden with Monet”, oil painting
Elijah Farmer: “Gothic Court”, scratch art
William Fritzsch: “The Great Shepherd Ikon”, altered book diptych
Sam Garza: “Playing Guitar with Matisse”, oil painting
Parker Given: “Portrait with Leger”, oil painting
Susanna Harpold: “Noah’s Ark Ikon”, altered book diptych
Abe Hinterlach: “At the Nighthawk with Hopper”, oil painting
Jon Hoermann : “Jesus, Pantocrator, Ikon”, altered book diptych
Jacob Huser: “Up the Mountain with Cezanne”, oil painting
Harleigh Klepac: “Gothic Arches”, scratch art
Erin Klokker: “Non Nobis Domine Ikon”, altered book diptych
Amy Lucas: “Fireman’s Friend”, ceramics
Abi Lindner: “Holy Flame Ikon”, altered book diptych
Clair Lindner: “By the Lake with Manet”, oil painting
Madeleine Londa: “In the Chapel with Miro”, oil painting
Lilly Mills: “Panda”, intaglio with watercolor
Kate McComack-Morris: “At the Window with Lautrec”, oil painting
Jesse Mayer: “St. George Ikon”, altered book diptych
Eli Oosterbaan: “Noah Ikon”, altered book diptych
Lane Sawtelle: “Great King”, sculpture
Jackson Shaver: “Standing Tall with Picasso”, oil painting
Dylan Sione: “On the Avenue with Childe Hassam”, oil painting
Nathan Sauer: “Romanesque Arch”, scratch art
Maddie Squyres: “Jesus, Creator, Ikon”, altered book diptych