Grandparents and Veterans Day Review

Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Special Friends Day – Thank you for celebrating the day that we set aside each year to honor you! Because this year Grandparents and Special Friends Day was on Veterans Day, we also thanked and celebrated those who have served our country.

This school year we will celebrate 23 years of providing a distinctive, classical and Christ-centered education that prepares students for servant-leadership and lives that glorify God. We will send off our 15th graduating class next May adding to an alumni roster of 150. All because of you!

Heritage School is a unique place where we partner with families in a Christian, classical and cultivating community of faith and learning.

We are about shepherding our students to love to learn, learn to lead and lead to serve.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Heritage as - the traditions, achievements, beliefs, legacy, inheritance that are part of the history of a group or nation or family - this school

As you looked about and saw your grandchildren, as we looked back at you, we saw the rich heritage, legacy, foundation that you provided us and we know that we are indeed blessed.

The bible teaches us that Grandchildren are the crown of the aged and the glory of children is their fathers; older people are distinguished by grandchildren; children take pride in their parents. Proverbs 17:6

So to all the nana’s and paw-paws; g-moms and pop daddy’s and special friends – it was our honor to celebrate you.

Eagle Up!  


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