The mission of the Board of Trustees of Heritage School is to ensure that the school faithfully carries out its mission and purpose and has the financial capacity to enable it to do so. The Board‘s primary duties include the hiring and evaluation of the Head of School, the setting of general institutional policies, strategic planning, fund-raising, and assessment of the school‘s effectiveness in manifesting the Heritage School mission. The purpose of the Board is strategic and visionary, not operations or the day-to-day workings of the school. The Board has no direct authority over the Faculty and/or staff of the school. Those employees report directly to the Head of School. It is the responsibility of the Head of School to manage academics / curriculum, daily operations, issues and opportunities, and the faculty and staff including coaches employed by Heritage. The only employee that reports to the Board of Trustees is the Head of School.

Because our Board is strategic in nature, the profile of the Board should closely match the strategic mission of our school. For that reason, qualified Board members should be nominated, approved, and appointed to a committee or a chair based upon the requirements of the school and vacancies on the Board. The Board should consist of a good mix of leaders in the community who can make a significant difference to Heritage through their proven ability, leadership, stewardship, and character, and their dedication to the standards, philosophy, mission, and Statement of Belief of Heritage School. Parents who are interested in serving Heritage in a leadership capacity are encouraged to express their desire in writing to the Chairman of the Committee on Trustees.

Based upon the strategic mission of the Board of Trustees, Board meetings and/or approaching a Board member individually are not the correct forum for parents, students, or employees of Heritage to seek conflict resolution on issues or concerns which occur in the daily operations of the school. The path to conflict resolution at Heritage School is addressed in the Parent Student Handbook under the section: School Rules and Policies.

Board meetings, in general, are closed and are not open to anyone other than Board members. When invited by the Board, individuals may be requested to present updates or information pertinent to school opportunities, athletics, clubs, or organizations including, but not limited to HSPA or Boosters. Portions of any Board meeting may be designated as "executive sessions" which may only be attended by Board members and in which confidentiality is mandatory.