Tuition Assistance

Heritage School’s Tuition Assistance program is as much a service to the school as it is to the recipient families. Our well-funded, need-based program increases the number of qualified candidates who can join our community and strengthens every program in the school by including precious students whose families could not otherwise provide classical and Christian education for their children. Heritage Tuition Assistance is:

  • Need based (as determined by a third party service, FACTS)
  • Kept confidential from teachers, staff and other families
  • Initiated by application to who verifies the information against the applicant’s tax return.
  • 10% of budgeted tuition income allocated for tuition assistance
  • Awarded to 24% of the student body in 2014/2015

Tuition Assistance Policy

Heritage School recognizes the importance of extending a Christ-centered and classical education to all families regardless of income. The Board of Trustees has designated a percentage of tuition income to be reserved for tuition assistance candidates. The amount available is determined each year based on enrollment.

Recipients of tuition assistance must reapply each year. Aid will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • amount of tuition assistance available
  • student’s behavior
  • student’s academic performance
  • family’s support/volunteerism
  • family’s diligence in honoring current agreement
  • family’s current ability to contribute toward tuition

Recipients of tuition assistance must comply with all Heritage School policies. Failure to comply with these policies could result in suspension or expulsion.

FACTS Grant & Aid Checklist

Go to for application instructions and a checklist.

Families must apply and be accepted for admission before being considered for Tuition Assistance.