Faculty & Staff

The faculty of Heritage School is one of the finest of schools in the southwest Texas region. The quality and dedication of the entire faculty and staff is remarkable. The most important emphasis of the mission-minded faculty is developing character in young people who are focused on Christ-centered, life-long learning at the highest levels in an environment where the student-to-teacher ratio averages less than 16/1.

Heritage School’s requirements for faculty are in many ways more stringent than those required by other schools. All teachers and staff are required to be of impeccable character, role models in the community, and active members of a church with the ability to profess their Christian faith openly and in writing prior to being considered for a position at Heritage.

The current faculty at Heritage averages 16+ years of experience in their area of expertise with every full-time faculty member possessing a Bachelor’s degree, at a minimum. More than 60% of the members of our current faculty have achieved advanced degrees. The majority of our teachers are state certified with some having earned multiple certifications. The most significant qualifications that we consider are a teacher’s dedication and character, expertise in their field, and commitment to life-long learning.

Heritage is dedicated to providing annual professional development opportunities for all faculty and staff that stimulate the intellect and encourage an excitement for teaching. Each year a minimum of 1%-2% of the overall operating budget is designated strictly for professional development of the faculty and staff. The love of life-long learning by our faculty instills that same core value in students preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.