Community Service

All Heritage students participate in service projects both on and off campus. On campus, students in high school sit with the youngest students during the weekly Chapel service, modeling appropriate worship and participation. All students participate in daily maintenance chores and major clean-up several times a year. Many classes participate in planting and maintaining flower beds.

Heritage School also values service to the community at large, believing that loving and generous service is a natural outgrowth of Christian love. Older students frequently give their own lunch time to read with young students in other schools to encourage their love for books. Grammar school students write letters to soldiers on active duty, and make Valentine cards for patients and visit at the local hospitals and V.A. hospital. Students also visit nursing homes and sing for nursing home and retirement centers; they participate in food and clothing drives and collecting for the needy as well as for those stricken with disease or disaster.

During the summer, high school students may volunteer to go on the annual Heritage School Summer Mission Trip outside of the USA which engages them in work and ministry through activities such as building a clinic or conducting a Bible study in Spanish. Heritage high school students also participate in a local missions week right on the school's campus where they offer a vacation Bible school to local children. Through these and many other actions, Heritage students grow in character as they serve others.