Welcome Back from the AD

Hi Family,

Welcome back! The energy of the fall sports is palpable on campus! Though school starts next week, our fall sports teams and coaches have been hard at work. I am excited about the opportunities our athletes and families will have to pursue God through competition. My prayer is for each of them to grow spiritually, emotionally as well as physically. Each sport has a unique spiritual theme which their coaches have felt called to teach during their season. Feel free to ask them about their devotionals. We are super excited about serving our athletes and families through athletic competition.

Many of you might not realize but Heritage achieved an incredible accomplishment last school year. TAPPS is our governing body for competing with other schools. Each year, TAPPS schools compete with each other within their division in both academic/fine arts and athletic events. Heritage at this point only competes in athletic events each year. This prestigious award has been presented to different schools since the 1980's. For the first time in the history of the school, Heritage won the 1A division beating out over 80 schools for this title. Points are earned from teams competing in post district play earning more points the farther they advance. A state title earns a school 10 points for example. Every team at Heritage competed beyond their district play earning points toward this award. We were in second place until the spring sports which propelled us into the lead over Wichita Falls Notre Dame winning by 6 points. Coach Kevin Perez received the trophy for us this summer at the annual TAPPS meeting in Waco. We have the honor of keeping the Henderson Cup for the year. Our name plate has been added to the base of this yearly trophy. I will have it displayed at Back to School night. I am very thankful that God has blessed our school with amazing multisport athletes, devoted coaches and a school and familes who support them. I am hoping we will be able to move forward with a trophy case to display it in public within the MPAC.

Many of my fall sport families have been introduced to My Team App. I am attaching a brochure to help those interested in joining. This free app for a smartphone or computer is a avenue to keep up with the latest in our athletic department. The game schedules, rosters, news , photos and more can be found in one location. I have set up a Heritage Fan group for anyone wanting to have the game schedules in one location. It even allows you to add them to your calendar on your phone to not miss out.

Here is how it works. You must download the free app and create log in email and password. At this point, look up Heritage Athletics and click on the icon. You can request access to different groups. If you have athletes on a specific team, request access to those groups plus Heritage Fans. If you only want to see games/roster/pictures ect. then please request access to Heritage Fans only. If you join the specific sport then you will end up getting unwanted notifications about travel information and inter-sport communications. Please save yourself from these disruptions unless you might need to know a practice change. On away games, it even helps with directions. I will have a computer set up at Back To School night if you need me to help you.

Let me know how I can help serve you. Our incredible coaching staff is here to serve you as well. I am so thankful to have them! Thank you in advance for your support of our programs.

To Him give the Glory,

Tami Given

Athletic Director

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