Art reveals the creativity and longing of man as he depicts the world around him. Made in God’s image, men and women throughout time have sought to capture the true, the beautiful, and the good through the various media of art. Heritage School embraces art as a vital part of the student’s development as a creative individual. All students in grades K-12 receive guidance for at least two hours a week from excellent art instructors who equip them with the basic elements of design and enable all students to grow in artistic skill and expression. Students participate in drawing, painting, sculpting, as well as experimenting with various media. Students in all grades participate in local and state art competitions and have often achieved outstanding success and recognition.

In addition to creating their own works of art, students learn about the major art movements and the best masters of art throughout the ages. Because the Heritage Art curriculum is based upon the timeline of art history, every lesson begins with an art history focus. Through the Classical, interdisciplinary approach, art students also find the connections that link art with science, math, history, literature, and music. Rhetoric level students present power point presentations of an in-depth study of a master artist of their choice. Throughout their art studies at Heritage, students begin, also, to develop a sense of what constitutes great art and actively engage in lively discussions about aesthetics. Heritage School students of all ages find visits to art museums a joy as they travel to near-by museums in San Antonio or Austin, or to the National Gallery in Washington, DC , to the Uffizi in Florence, the Vatican gallery, the National Museum in London, or to the Louvre in Paris.

Contact Art Teacher: Suzanne McComack