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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -- Aristotle

We welcome your interest in Heritage School and are honored to be considered in your search for the best educational venue for your child. Our Classical and Christian educational experience is fertile ground for the growing of young persons into fine adults. The goal of the Heritage School admission process is to recruit eventual graduates who, along with their families, will enjoy and enhance our Christ-centered academic community as they prepare for college and life journey.

Six Steps to Apply

1. Getting Started

The application process begins through an introduction to our school. You may have heard about us through friends, family, the local news or perhaps you located us online. We recommend you schedule a tour to learn more about our school and community by calling 830-997-6597 ext. 227 or emailing us in the Admissions Office.

2. Submitting an Application

Your admissions file is opened once we receive a completed application and fee. For each applicant we also require a teacher recommendation and academic records for current and previous school years. PRINT applications forms below for mailing, faxing or scanning to Heritage School.

Pre-School Application
Kindergarten Application
Grades 1 - 5 Application
Grades 6 - 12 Application

3. Understanding Heritage

We want your family to fully embrace our Classical Christian program. In order to make the most of your partnership with us, it is important to understand our education philosophy and the history behind it. Regarding this, we encourage both parents to read An Introduction to Classical Education by Christopher Perrin. To read online, click on the title from the top right menu.

4. Assessment

Students applying for grades 1-5 participate in an academic/developmental assessment held at Heritage in conjunction with a classroom visit. Students applying for admission to grades 6-12 are required to take several grade level language arts and math placement assessments and will do their classroom visits separately. All visits and assessment appointments are to be scheduled through the Admissions Office.

5. Interview

The parent interview is a vital part of the admissions process. Once all paperwork and testing is complete, we meet with both parents in order to get to know one another more personally.

6. Timing

Many parents start researching their schooling options in the fall of the academic year prior to the year their student hopes to attend. Priority applications, including all paperwork and testing, are due by March 15th for decision notification in early April. Once these priority admissions are complete, applications will continue to be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis and spaces offered as they are available. If no space is open, waiting pools are established and you will be notified should a spot become available.

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

Pre-Kindergarten, 3/4 day (8 AM - 1 PM): $4,850
Pre-Kindergarten, with Enrichment (8 AM - 3 PM): $6,750
Kindergarten: $7,900
Grammar/Logic/Rhetoric: $10,500

*A monthly bank draft is available through FACTS Management Company, with an annual $46 (per family) non-refundable fee, charged by FACTS. To set up your account, please visit

Students are admitted for the entire year. NO REBATES or REFUNDS are given for absence, failure to matriculate, suspension, withdrawal, or dismissal.

Additional School Fees

Bus Fee (from/to Kerrville) TBD per family

Extracurricular Sports Rhetoric (9th - 12th)

  • Football - $450
  • Volleyball - $250
  • Cross Country - $250
  • Basketball - $250
  • Tennis- $325
  • Track - $250
  • Golf - $325
  • Cheerleading - $175

Extracurricular Sports Logic (6th - 8th)

  • Football - $350
  • Volleyball - $200
  • Cross Country - $200
  • Basketball - $200
  • Tennis - $325
  • Track - $200
  • Cheerleading - $175

Class Trips

(Approximate costs listed, will vary)

  • 6th Grade – Camp Eagle $350
  • 8th Grade – West Texas $650
  • 11th Grade – Washington, D.C. $1,200

Tuition Assistance

Affording a Heritage School education

From the earliest days of the school, there has been a desire for the school to reflect the larger Christian community. A well-funded, need-based tuition assistance program increases the number of qualified students who can join our community. The result is a broad socio-economic representation of our families, but more importantly it includes students whose families could not otherwise provide classical and Christian education for their children.

Heritage employs a third-party assessment of all tuition assistance applications. Evaluations result in a variety of means for families from simply a month-to-month payment plan to various percentages of tuition and fees covered. These grants reflect the requests of the family as well as assessment of financial need.


What kind of tuition assistance is available from Heritage?

Heritage’s tuition assistance is need-based. Tuition assistance is as much a service to the school as it is a service to the families who benefit directly from it. This assistance strengthens every program in the school by including students whose families could not otherwise provide a classical and Christian education for their children.

What if my family cannot make the normal one or two lump-sum payments due when we enroll or reenroll? May we apply for a monthly payment plan?

Heritage’s tuition assistance includes a monthly payment plan option through FACTS if needed. Families should request a payment plan by following the process for requesting need-based assistance. Families who do not qualify for tuition assistance must also go through FACTS if they desire to set up a monthly payment plan.

New families or a new student of a current family admitted to the school after the start of the payment plan year and granted tuition assistance are required to make a payment that ‘catches them up’ with the payment plan year. Payments after this ‘catch-up’ amount will be evenly spread over the remaining months of the payment year.

How do I apply for need-based tuition assistance?

To be considered for a tuition assistance grant:

1) Complete the on-line FACTS Grant & Aid application by the published due date for each academic year. Go to FACTS Grant & Aid at The cost of the FACTS application is approximately $30 per year. Families must reapply each year.

2) Submit the required previous year tax return, including all forms and schedules as soon as the FACTS on-line application is completed. Applications are not complete until all required tax returns, forms and schedules are received by FACTS Grant & Aid.

3) Families without a timely and complete FACTS Grant & Aid application may be ineligible for a tuition assistance grant for that academic year. Application deadlines are compulsory.

Who should apply for tuition assistance?

Anyone who is concerned that they may truly not be able to afford a Heritage education for their children may apply. Applying does not guarantee qualifying. However, for families who do qualify, the school will do everything within the parameters of the budget and the award process to meet the need.

What fees and costs are involved in the tuition assistance process?

1) FACTS Grant & Aid Application fee - $30. Families must reapply each year. 2) FACTS Tuition Management – Payment of an annual processing fee for all families utilizing a monthly payment plan. Payments are made through FACTS. Monthly payments will be made by bank draft, which is the school’s normal method for monthly tuition payment plans.

How are tuition assistance grants determined by Heritage?

Heritage awards tuition assistance grants to families who demonstrate financial need. The school uses methodology established by the FACTS Grant & Aid customized to support the mission of Heritage.

FACTS and the Heritage Tuition Assistance Committee utilize many factors in determining a family’s grant award, such as:

  • Parent’s income established by their personal and business tax returns
  • Parent’s assets
  • Parent’s qualified expenses per the FACTS formula and methodology
  • Number of children enrolled in tuition-paying schools.

In addition, the Heritage Tuition Assistance Committee considers the following criteria:

  • Amount of tuition assistance available in the annual budget
  • Student’s academic performance
  • Student’s behavior/conduct
  • Family’s support through participation and volunteerism
  • Family’s diligence in honoring current agreement
  • Family’s current ability to contribute toward tuition based on FACTS assessment

Unlike many schools, Heritage does not limit the number of students in a family who may receive a grant, nor does it have a dollar cap on the total annual tuition assistance a family may receive. However, funding for grants is limited and is allocated to all qualified students within each family on a proportional basis based upon the verified need of each individual family.

When will I be notified of the results of my tuition assistance application?

1) Current families will be advised as part of the reenrollment process. If a current family is applying for admission of a sibling, a pending amount will be included along with the grant information for the reenrolling student(s).

2) Prospective families will be advised of their award request status after FACTS Grant & Aid has completed processing the application and the application is reviewed and acted upon by the Heritage Tuition Assistance Committee.

How is tuition assistance paid?

Each year a portion of the school’s budget may be set aside for tuition assistance. Additional funding is provided by Eisbahn and the Tuition Assistance Fund. Heritage considers tuition assistance an essential element of ‘the cost to educate’ each student.

If I receive tuition assistance will the faculty, staff or other parents know?

No. Tuition assistance awards are determined by a small committee. No one outside of that committee and the business office staff knows which families receive assistance. Every effort is made to insure confidentiality of the process.

Will applying for tuition assistance affect my child’s chances for admission?

No. Our Admission process is need-blind. Heritage is committed to confidentiality in its tuition assistance process.

Timeline for Tuition Assistance for 2018-2019:

January 10, 2018 - Applications and supporting documents due online to FACTS - Grant and Aid Assessment. Families will need to submit current year tax returns when return is filed.

January - Committee meets to determine awards

February: Award letters sent out to parents and any appeals processed by committee. Committee will meet on an as needed basis for any new student financial aid requests between March and August.

FACTS Grant & Aid Checklist

Go to for application instructions and a checklist.

Families must apply and be accepted for admission before being considered for Tuition Assistance.


For re-enrolling students, by the date set and publicized by the school, families are to submit an executed Tuition Contract and Re-enrollment agreement along with a $500.00 deposit for each student. Tuition Payment Plans will be due according to Payment Plan selected.


A student is re-enrolled in February of each year, but before school starts the students must be registered. The registration process consists of completing and submitting various forms needed by the school before the student may attend classes. The procedures and process is sent to the re-enrolled families in the June mailing so that paperwork can be completed during the summer and submitted by August 1.

Medical Forms, Authorizations and Releases

There are a variety of medical forms, authorizations and releases that must be filled out as part of the registration process for each school year. Parents must assume responsibility for providing all medical and health information that is required for their children prior to their attendance in classes or participation in athletics. The health issues of Heritage students are primarily the parents’ responsibilities. (While the school office will assist, full parent support for the following is required.) Students without current health forms will not be allowed to attend classes until all of the appropriate forms are submitted to the school. Every student must provide proof of all required immunizations (or appropriate exemption form), and all other medical records must be up-to- date prior to attending class or participating in athletics. Registration information will list all forms needed. Appointments should be made in a timely manner to ensure these forms are ready before school starts. Other authorizations and releases for participation in co-curricular activities, driving and off-campus privileges must be submitted as well.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Program

What makes our program unique?

Early classroom training and opportunities at Heritage School accomplish much more than preparation for the rigors of classical academics ahead. This tender age is seminal to spiritual sensitivity, moral intuition and aspiration for excellence. Through exposure to the wonders of creation, the truth of scripture, the best of the humanities and much loving interpersonal mentoring our teachers seek to set each child’s palate for a lifetime of learning and Christian stewardship. When schooling is presented in developmentally appropriate and playful ways, the joys and wonder of childhood are amplified, not sacrificed. For indeed, “…the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt. 19:14)

What does the Kindergarten Program look like?

The Kindergarten Program at Heritage School prepares children to enter first grade by providing a classical approach to early academics while striving to center the students’ hearts on Christ. Bible lessons, Bible memory work, character building activities, accompanied by foundational lessons in phonics, math, handwriting, science, and social studies provide the structure for daily learning. The key to the success of the kindergarten program is the daily read-aloud time during which students are exposed to a feast of classic children’s literature. Students are taught in a classroom setting which is rich in print and literature. Reading in our early programs utilizes developmentally appropriate lessons that are taught in an exciting and meaningful way. This approach encourages students to exercise skills in prediction and narration, as well as providing a model for fluent reading. Students actively learn through hands-on experiences and engaging lessons.

Kinder Enrichment:

  • Art, music, and P.E. classes
  • Field trips (pumpkin patch, plays, symphonies, & more)
  • Nature studies
  • Spanish lessons
  • Play and imagination time
  • Shakespeare Day

Contact Admissions

Jean Sauer, Admissions Director
830-997-6597, ext 227
310 Smokehouse Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624